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Date:July 6th, 2004 02:01 pm (UTC)


Poor Remy! :: sobs :: This was really well done, and so inspired by the song. I feel utterly miserable and elated at the same time. I agree, this is a sinking ship for me, but it works here. I have to say I have always been able to see this pair's potential based upon their intellect, but the age thing was always such an issue before. It doesn't seem to matter here, with all the emotion, genuine anguish, suicidal tendencies and the heartbreak of loneliness. All of those things are conveyed here vividly, along with the rainy, miserable tone and setting. Really dark stuff...Remy losing his temper and smacking Hermione (bad boy :: said like Bree ::), and harsh words, lies and accusations.

You did a nice job with the memories. They can be confusing and often make for choppy transitions, but here they really do work to show us where the characters have been, what they have shared, and how they arrived at this point. A happy ending, mercifully...and nice job with the lighter Rosmerta business at the end. Powerful writing Anna. There is just enough too, so we have a clear understanding of what's transpired, and transpiring, but not too much to bear. Great job with my favorite Marauder...and THAT is a compliment. (from May anyway!)
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