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Marauding Muses

a lovely place for writers to find their muse

Marauding Muses Writers' Community
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This is a community for writers...a nice place to post your stuff, ideas, and challenges, and receive comments and contsructive criticism. Muses are marauding! Something is bound to strike you with inspiration sooner or later.

Stuff--meaning any prose or poetry, whether your own original works or fanfiction. Yes, I know stuff is a creative name.

Ideas--things you want to share, plot bunnies, suggestions, fic recs, helpful links, help with research for a story, etc.

Challenges--Offer a challenge to fellow writers, whether for an original piece or fanfiction. Or, accept a challenge posted in the community.

*Any stuff that you post, whether long or short, please use an LJ cut or provide a link to where you have posted it. Directions for LJ cut

*Please give a rating for your stuff, and give readers warnings for anything that warrants a warning. Ya know the drill.

*For challenges, please specify these things:
--Original or Fanfiction (specify which fandom)
--Length Requirements
--Challenge Requirements

*Any number of people can take on the same challenge. Also, there are no time constraints, but try not to take forever and a day.

*This community is intended to be a place for writers to push themselves and others in new directions. When reviewing, please be as helpful as possible by critiquing and offering suggestions.

*Although Harry Potter fandom may have the most fanfiction here, fics from all fandoms are welcome.

QUI SCRIBIT BIS LEGIT He who writes reads twice

--Silver Apple :)